About You

You're doing good things.  
Let's let others know about them!

I'm a freelance writer who enjoys working with businesses striving to do good.  
Sound a tad lofty?  It's not meant to.  Really.

 I don't believe in "business as usual" nor do I believe that you do, either.   
I do believe that business can affect positive change while turning a profit.   
Therefore, I'm passionate about helping businesses and organizations--like YOURS--help others.

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Your Business

Is this your business?

  • Values transparency and openness

  • Strives to operate with a broader purpose

  • Desires to make a positive impact on its community and beyond

  • Works to meet real client needs

  • Cares about the environment

  • Believes in wealth-sharing

  • Exudes a passion that is downright contagious

Some "good-hearted" examples:

  • "Green" businesses

  • Holistic-minded companies

  • Community-impacting nonprofits

  • Organizations bringing forth organic, healthful food

  • Entrepreneurs with a healing message

  • Change-making companies with innovative products

  • OR any other business or organization that connects with what is written on these pages...

Let's spread your message, brand, product, or service through engaging case studies, profiles, bios, newsletters, blog posts, articles, web copy, (and more).  

So.  Is your business "good-hearted?"  

Maybe we should talk?