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I have discovered that business writing, client interactions, and connecting businesses with the people who can benefit from them are what excite me and where I truly excel.
People, and their stories, fascinate me.


A little about me:

  • I can't remember ...  names (oh, if only) but I never forget a face!

  • I would rather read ... 
    nonfiction than fiction. Life is where the good stories are told.

  • Marketing books ... 
    hold a special spot on my bedside table, making for scintillating late-night reading!

  • If not a writer, I would be ...
    a race car driver (yep). 

Hi.  I'm Dana.  

 As a freelance content writer I help connect businesses with the clients that want to hear from them through compelling written content.

What's not to love about that?

Here's where you'd typically find my resume.  
But why not make your read a bit more interesting?

I'm an intuitive listener, problem-solver, and lifelong learner who cares about the why and how of things that matter.

At a young age, I could be found at our family’s restaurant, observing and relentlessly questioning everything while trailing after the owner and operator, my father.  Growing weary of being tailed, he put me to work in every aspect of the family business--from dishwashing to eventually marketing--I did it all.  And on the cheap for some time ... until I got wise and asked for a 12-year-old's version of a living wage.  

Ten years later, my father lost his best worker bee but gained a college-educated daughter.

Professionally, I have worked for a sizable private philanthropic boarding school, a large global manufacturing company, and various other small to mid-sized businesses.  

I first added solopreneur to my resume when I launched a successful personal chef business.

I've had to course-correct my professional life because of a false self-belief that said because I was good at "X," then I should pursue "X." And not to boast, I've been good at many things, so needless to say I worked my tail off in areas I wasn't too passionate about.  

Until now.

I love the writing and the marketing aspect of what I do, but what is also very rewarding is watching a client open to the possibility of what our work can do and actually enjoy her/himself in the process.

My writing experience encompasses client success stories, interviews, profiles, newsletters, and web site copy, to name a few. 

And my marketing savvy and knowledge is a result of more classes and courses than I care to admit to--along with honing my skills under the employ of others and growing my own businesses.  

I live in central Pennsylvania, with my husband, son, and pet menagerie.  

When not plotting our move to coastal Maine, I can be found writing, reading, delving into mystical studies and practices, embracing nature, and reveling in new topics that interest me.  

And laughing.  A lot!

If you've made it this far, why not contact me to discuss how I can be of service to you and your business?