Need a Marketing Mentor?

An experienced, engaged, tuned-in person who can help you banish your marketing blues and embrace marketing your product, cause, or service with authenticity and ease.

Are you an entrepreneur or solopreneur who longs to confidently and successfully market your business in a way that allows you to be you, at all times?

Because who you are matters just as much as who you're trying to reach, sell to, or serve.  You can be yourself (even in marketing).  Always.

Do you struggle with marketing your business, product, or services so much so that you feel:

 apprehensive ...
unsure ...
frustrated ...
overwhelmed ...

as you semi-shudder each time you put yourself out in the world?

Have you wondered:

WHY this is so?


WHAT can I do to overcome--even embrace--marketing myself and my business?

Well wonder, ponder, resist, (and shudder) no more!

 Because the part of you that loves to create--to come up with things, be they tangible products or ingenious ideas, ways of doing things or relating to people, or means to serve others (with the goal of getting paid for these)--is not the same part that's interested in telling the world.

It's not that both parts can't exist in you.  They can.  But not necessarily in the same proportions.  And not in the same way for everyone.

When it comes to marketing, there is no one-right-way.

A marketing campaign or plan has to be more than a downloadable opt-in offer template or a how-to eBook by the latest marketing guru. 

Marketing activities revolve around reaching your target market (or right clients), making good use of your niche (the convergence of your passion, experience, and ideal clients ), and engaging with and building your tribe (your loyal clients or customers who return again and again).

Yet for your marketing efforts to be effective, each must also reach, make good use of, and engage--you.  

And this is where I believe much of present-day marketing misses the mark.

Receptive Marketing Mentoring

But there is a different way to *do* marketing.  

I call this way Receptive Marketing

If you choose to work with me in this more feminine, collaborative approach, you'll find that it's not about "getting out there" no matter what.

It's about listening to yourself:

  • who you are

  • what you love about your service, product, company

  • who you truly wish to help

and then using your own ways, nature, desires, and willingness to open a marketing roadmap that'll work for you.  

You'll have my marketing know-how, business experience, and innate ability to tune-in and bring forth what you already have readily accessible deep within you.

Where who you are, how you are, and what you are capable of carry your marketing actions over the long term in a sustainable, organic, receptive--and still action-oriented way.

A balance of doing with receiving, seeing, and being.




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Freelance Writer

Hi, I'm Dana, marketing mentor and freelance writer.

I understand what it's like to fear marketing--to the point of resisting it--even if your service and/or product are stupendous and your right clients may be hurting from not being able to get what you're offering.  I've been there when birthing this business, as well as my former business.  (I'm also a serial entrepreneur). 

And even though I love marketing--I read marketing books and blogs and listen to marketing-centric podcasts with as much glee as others do a good novel or an audible--not to mention delve into marketing and business-related classes and courses more than I care to admit to.  I'm also something of private person who's not totally comfortable with a lot of attention thrown my way.   

I like to use a phrase I heard several years ago that stuck to me like velcro:  I'm an introvert with bold extrovert tendencies.  But others say I'm "really friendly" and "outgoing"--to the point that I've been accused of being an extrovert (gasp).  So I'm quite the paradox.  A marketing unicorn, of sorts.  And this is what helps me to help you.  

Allow my passion for transforming the way marketing is viewed and acted on via receptive marketing free you to make a (good) living while positively impacting others.


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Our case studies are amazing! What great writing and great stories. Wonderful work!
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Dana has a lovely personality, is very easy to work with, and has a fertile marketing mind.
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