Whether you’re a marketing professional or a trade publication editor in the food biz …

You’re dealing with the same challenge: How to stand out in the competitive food industry.

As a personal-chef-turned-freelance-food-writer (and decade-long Jill-of-All-Trades for my family’s restaurant business), I’ve got the goods to write the materials your in-house staff doesn’t have the time or headspace to cook up.

Looking for meaty copy and fleshed-out content prospects can really sink their teeth into? Materials that transform them into informed, engaged, and loyal followers — and ultimately bonafide customers and consumers?

I get what you’re up against. These are no small tasks to dish up.

So if you’re in the food tech, food service, or food science industries — and, you need written materials to help ramp up your marketing game or leave your trade publication readership wanting more — I’m the writer for you.

Take some things off your too-full plate. HIRE ME.

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Why work with me?

I get your industry.

I can craft a skillful sourdough as well as a snappy sentence.

Take one part food wizard; fold in two-parts word nerd, and poof — you’ve got a freelance food writer who’s perfectly prepared to write swoon-worthy copy and content with authoritative snap, crackle, and pop.

For companies: I'll infuse your copy with flavor, using words that resonate with your target clients while being true to your brand and business. Content and copy that ____________________________.

For trade publications: I’ll whip up industry profiles or articles that both inform and educate your readership, in keeping with your publication’s tone and voice, building your influence and furthering your brand.

I really, really like results.

Here’s a slight confession: I don’t like to go slow. It pains me to take a “wait-and-see” approach. I believe in diving in (once I’ve done my due diligence) and making things happen.

What does this mean for you?

I’ll work hard as part of your virtual team to make your job easier by listening well and turning in quality work on time. In a nutshell: I’ll get things done.

Let me help you with:

🔩 Articles

🔩 People and industry profiles

🔩 Case studies (aka client success stories)

 🔩 Web content

🔩 … and more.





Dana was able to help me look at my own organization with new eyes. Her copywriting reflects the storyteller in her...
— Chris Maddox, Founder, The Wild Woman Project

Have a writing project that's not on the list?

I’m happy to discuss it with you.