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Whether you’re a Marketing Manager for a company or organization—or an Editor of a publication—I can write the materials your staff doesn't have the time or bandwidth to tackle.

As a marketing manager, you need content and copy that connects with your company’s ideal clients in order to:

  • generate more leads (by allowing people to get to know your company);

  • gain more sales (by helping interested customers move from contemplating a purchase to buying what you’re offering);

  • spread your influence (e.g. via satisfied customer stories or recognition & award shout-outs, as examples, helping your company stand out in your industry);

  • educate your customers (by informing people about your company, what you’re offering, and how your product or service can help them);

  • reach your company’s overall marketing objectives.

Written materials, as you know, can do that—and more.

Let me help you with:

🔩 Articles

🔩 People and industry profiles

🔩 Case studies (aka client success stories)

 🔩 Web copy

🔩 Press releases

As an editor, do you need assistance in informing and educating your readership?

I can help. People and industry profiles are my specialty. And I write articles, too.

Why work with me?

You gain an outsider's viewpoint (a plus, really)

I can tell your business’s story or craft an article in a unique way and with a fresh perspective. I'll take company-speak or complex terms and whip them into copy that resonates with your customers or readers, while being true to your brand, business, or publication.

You are heard

I'm able to write effectively by listening to your needs and getting a true sense of your business or publication, as well as your goals. This means I'll ask a lot of questions in order nail your project.

You get the right person for the job

I'm a professional. I won't take on your project if I don't feel I'm the freelance writer for the job. Like cramming into a too-small Christmas sweater in steamy July, it doesn't work; it's inappropriate—and uncomfortable (for everybody). So we'll make sure we're a good fit.

You can rest easy in a job well done

I view my job as this: to respond to your specific writing needs and to make your job easier by turning in quality work on time and ready for roll out. And if you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll write until you are (though past experience has proven few, if any, rewrites are necessary).




Dana’s work is incredible!  She was able to capture what we all felt was happening in our program but just didn’t know how to put into words.  The two case studies she did for our fundraising and outreach efforts were moving and compelling.  She is an absolute joy to work with!
— Melissa Nicholson, Executive Director, Gamut Theatre Group

Have a writing project that's not on the list?

I’m happy to discuss it with you.

Dana was able to help me look at my own organization with new eyes. Her copywriting reflects the storyteller in her.
— Chris Maddox, Founder, The Wild Woman Project