Need a freelance content writer?

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or marketing professional who wants to reach more clients and do more good--while turning a profit--I can help.  

You've figured out what you're putting out in the world.  
But have you figured out what content to create that best connects with the people you hope to serve, sell to, or help?

As a freelance writer I create written materials that speak to your ideal clients in a genuine, effective--yet heart-centered way.   Content that resonates so well with them that they actually read what's written, get interested in what you're offering, and engage and communicate with your organization or business.  

The result: an honest, organic, on-going connection between you and your clients.  One built on transparency and trust.  When your clients trust you and your business, they are more apt to buy what you're offering, donate to your cause, or use your services.

Communication + Engagement + Connection = Trust

Whether your business goals include: relationship-building, promoting your brand, spreading your influence, or meeting your funding or income needs, effective content can support these.

Are you dealing with:

Lack of one-of-a-kind written content?

Words carry weight.  They change minds, transform relationships, call people to action, and make an impact (both in business and outside of business).

Don't create content that works for others but doesn't sound like you.  Effective content uses your voiceyour values, and your messaging-- allowing for genuine interactions between you and your clients.

A long To-Do list?

You're working hard--and that's not all bad--especially for those whose personal and professional missions are aligned.   But you don't have to do it all yourself.

By outsourcing your content creation, you're not giving up control; rather, you're making room for new opportunities and freeing up time to do what you do best.

No on-board writing staff?

You're not alone.

Allow me to help.



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Freelance Writer

Hi, I'm Dana, freelance content writer and owner of Writer Watt, LLC.

I specialize in the entrepreneurial/small business sectors, collaborating with purpose-driven entrepreneurs,small to mid-size businesses and organizations, and start-ups.   

 I'll make every effort to fully understand your company and your audience so that each piece of content matches your business vision, values, and goals.   
Quite simply, before I write a single word, I'll know what you do, why you do it, and what you want your content materials to achieve--so that your message, product, or service reaches the right people.

I'm a storyteller at heart, so everything I write will have an imprint of your business's story.  Whether you're looking for a one-off project or a longer-term collaboration, this freelance content writer has you covered.


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Our case studies are amazing! What great writing and great stories. Wonderful work!
— Melissa Nicholson, Executive Director, Gamut Theatre

Dana has a lovely personality, is very easy to work with, and has a fertile marketing mind.
— Ralph Dranow, Editor & Poet, Ring of Truth Writing & Editing