Whether you're looking for a one-off project completion or a longer-term collaboration, this freelance writer has you covered.


Have on-going content writing needs?

Want a fixed number of content pieces for set price?

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Tired of working with multiple freelance writers, or still searching for the perfect freelancing fit? 

A collaborative retainer agreement between your business and mine might be what you need.

Need to optimize your content to grow your business?

Overwhelmed with trying to generate ON-GOING, compelling content?

I'm a person who likes options and loves collaborative partnerships.  

That's why I provide my clients with options, too, by offering both per-project writing as well as monthly retainer agreements (a more cooperative arrangement).

Interested in exploring a retainer option?

Please read on.

So what's a retainer?

In a nutshell, it's an arrangement where you'll agree that I'll write "X" amount of content for "Y" dollars every month, for a contracted time period.

Options, options, and more options...

For each retainer client, I develop three customized pricing levels detailing options based on the amount of content desired.  
You choose what best suits you and your business, so you're in control (and you've got options!).
Because each client is different and has different content-writing needs, all agreements are individualized--as are all retainer-quote prices.  No one-size-fits all approach, here.

Common denominators...

  1. To maximize your content creation goals and meet your content needs--as well as your price point--all contracts come in either three-, six-, or twelve-month agreements.
  2. All come with quarterly commitment reviews and a generous cancellation clause as part of the agreement.  


Why this might make sense for you...

  • You'll know exactly what you'll spend each month.
  • You'll no longer need to recruit and vet freelance writers.  You'll have me by your (virtual) side.
  • Because I'll know your products, services, and industry well--as well as how your organization or business operates--you'll get your deliverables faster and always on-schedule (without the sometime common issues that can arise when working on a new project, e.g., multiple contacts to interview, correspondence delays, or scheduling conflicts). 
  • You'll be guaranteed top priority in my schedule.
  • Your content will be created with planned long-range objectives in mind, including keyword phrases and information that helps with better SEO.  
  • You'll be one of only three monthly retainer clients, ensuring that my work for you is well managed and your content well executed.  
  • Because our work will be more collaborative and close, I'll be able to spot potential problems that exist in your content strategy and offer up content ideas and suggestions.  I'll also be able to tweak your weaker content pieces, if desired.
  • Turning out blog posts, e-newsletters, or email promotions on a regular basis can be challenging.  With a retainer agreement, you'll receive ongoing, engaging content that keeps your business consistently in front of your clients.
  • You'll receive a set amount of monthly content to help you fill out your content calendar.
  • Ultimately, you'll not only receive compelling content, but you'll also get my ear, my expertise, and the added value of having a freelance writer working closely with you to meet your company's goals and your content needs.

Thinking that this sounds great but still have questions?  

Prefer to toe-dip rather than to dive right in?  You can hire me to write one piece of content, first, as a test-run.

Or, are you feeling that a retainer agreement mightn't be the best fit for you, presently?  No problem.  
I'm able to write for you without a retainer, one project at a time

Please get in touch. 
I can answer your questions, and we can discuss your preferred direction.