Freelance Content Writer

want to reach more clients through engaging written content?

wish you had a content marketing strategy in place? 

Searching for a freelance Writer who is eager to get to know you and understand your business?  and who brings enthusiasm and smarts to each project?

Then Please read on...

I imagine that...

I imagine that...

  • You want to attract target clients in order to share your products, services, or programs, knowing that what you're offering is quality-driven and helpful.
  • You believe in fostering authentic client engagement through educational & useful marketing content--content that brings value to your prospects and walks them thoughtfully through the buy cycle.
  • You know that people purchase from you because they want to--not because they feel manipulated into doing so.

  • You get that listening is crucial for fostering and promoting trust in your business.  Because when clients feel a sense of trust, they are likely to get behind what you have to offer.

Now allow me to listen to you!

By fully understanding your business and your audience, I capture and curate the important bits, then articulate your messaging and Calls to Action through compelling written content.

Freelance Content Writer

Freelance Content Writer



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Though I work with a variety of businesses and organizations, I have a definite soft spot for socially conscious companies/organizations, as well as small business owners who want to make a difference in their communities and beyond—and anyone who laughs freely and often!

What I Do

Case Studies
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Content Marketing strategy
SEO research
(for contracted, longer-term clients)

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Our case studies are amazing! What great writing and great stories. Wonderful work!
— Melissa Nicholson, Executive Director

Dana has a lovely personality, is very easy to work with, and has a fertile marketing mind.
— Ralph Dranow, Editor & Poet


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