Do you struggle to consistently turn out written content that feels authentic to your business?

As a freelance content writer and content marketing strategist, I can assure you:

You can have content that is uniquely shaped by what your business is to the world and what it has to offer.  

Content that responds to more than the surface of the sale.

You want to run a sustainable business (we all do) so selling comes with the territory.  You get that.  Are you aware that the core of marketing isn't about attraction--it's about safety?  People need to feel safe in order to engage with you and consequently buy from your business.

It isn't that you're opposed to asking clients to take action.  
You know you need to do so.  

But people need direction and prompting on how to enter and move at their own pace through the buy cycle.

Well-written content does that, and more.

You're a passionate business that wants to spread your do-good mission, bring your helpful product or service out into the world, and form long-term client relationships built on shared values and trust.

Yet you don't want to betray your heart or your business ethics with in-your-face sales copy, aggressive calls-to-action, and scarcity tactics. 

You want your calls-to-action to be subtle and well-placed.  
Executed in a way that allows your clients to buy when they are ready--when they feel in relationship with your business.  

As a business owner or marketing manager, you choose to place attention on consciously crafted business content to engage and inform your clients, to relationship-build, and (yes, assist with cash flow).  

You or your team write blog posts, send out sporadic e-newsletters, plunk client testimonials up on your website, and continuously post new offers on Facebook.

But are your content marketing efforts intentional, useful, and strategic?  

Having the appropriate staff to write: 


content that is carefully planned paves the way for ongoing mutual client exchanges.

Rather than one time sales.

But this i
nvolves more time, effort, and (wo)man power than you've considered.



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Though I work with a variety of businesses and organizations, I have a definite soft spot for socially conscious companies, as well as small business owners who want to make a difference in their communities and beyond—and anyone who laughs freely and often!

Content Creation And Content Marketing Strategy Can Be Hard.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I can help.

Freelance Writer

I'm Dana, Freelance Content Writer and Content Marketing Strategist for "good-hearted" businesses, such as yours.  

Whether you're running a small business or a larger one,  I'm here to support you and your business with excellent content--and content marketing strategy, if desired.

I'm a dreamer and creative who shows up for my clients with generosity and presence--and who gets the job done.  I give 120%--my clients tell me so.  

I've got moxie.  I acknowledge if I don't know something.  I have enough curiosity to want to seek out the answer(s), doing so with laser-sharp focus.  

My goal is not to touch everyone but to touch someone.  And grow those "someones" so that they too may touch the "someones" that matter most to them, their business, and what they're doing in the world.  

Therefore I believe in potent, joy-filled collaboration and relationship-buiding.  

By fully understanding your business and your audience, I capture and curate the important bits, then articulate your messaging and calls-to-action through compelling written content.

I'm known for being abundantly open to possibility, so together we can open up ways to craft your content and reach your content marketing goals that fit and work well for you...

Beyond even what you may currently have in mind.  

But enough about me.  

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Our case studies are amazing! What great writing and great stories. Wonderful work!
— Melissa Nicholson, Executive Director, Gamut Theatre

Dana has a lovely personality, is very easy to work with, and has a fertile marketing mind.
— Ralph Dranow, Editor & Poet, Ring of Truth Writing & Editing