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Whether you’re a marketing manager or a trade pub editor in the food biz …


You’re dealing with the same challenge: How to stand out in the competitive food industry rife with newcomers, new ideas, and new products/services.

For your business or publication to rise above the din (and make your own head-turning-look-at-me noise), you need written materials that help to:

✔️Fortify your content calendar ✔️Turn up the heat on effective lead generation ✔️Spice up investor, customer, and consumer connections ✔️Carve out your brand’s or publication’s authority and expertise ✔️Churn out repeat sales — and more …

These are no small tasks to dish up.

As a personal-chef-turned-freelance-food-writer, I see what you’re up against.

Wouldn’t it be delightful to work with someone who actually gets your industry?

Who geeks out over such things as today’s food waste being turned into tomorrow’s food stuff, robots dishing up dinner, or plant-based burgers built to practically moo.

Someone who develops not only well-constructed recipes but also attention-grabbing stories, click-worthy headlines, and more ...

Take one part food geek; fold in two parts word nerd; and poof — a freelance writer who’s perfectly prepared to whip up written materials that snap, crackle, and pop.

  • Materials your in-house staff doesn’t have the time to cook up.

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Maybe you’re:

An artisanal food brand crafting a clean-label product or using food by-products in funky ways … a food tech company developing an innovative platform solution for staffing nightmares … a university dining program rising to meet the latest food trend … a food trade publication craving a freelance writer with a true foodie perspective …

Well, then —

I’m your gal.

Let’s put some robust content and zingy copy at your prospects’ fingertips and turn them into customers or consumers (repeat ones, that is).

What I can do for you:

✎ Articles

✎ People and industry profiles

✎ Case studies (aka client success stories)

✎ Web content

✎ Press releases

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