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About {FAQs}  

Who are you?

Hi. I'm Dana, freelance writer and founder of Writer Watt, LLC.  
I use my writing skills to help change-making businesses shine.

What do you do?

I write content that gets eyes on your mission, products, or services and that converts casual browsers into enthusiastic followers and/or buyers.

Written materials that help you build your client-base through transparency and trust, sell to those that need and want what you're offering, as well as separate your business (and your business's voice) from the rest in your industry.  No scarcity tactics or aggressive messaging but rather genuine-to-you content with heart-centered calls-to-action.

Can you give me some examples?

Got website copy that needs a recharge?
A rewrite can breath new life into your tired pages, using words your clients use for the best possible connection and conversion.

Want to educate your customers or clients, obtain funding, or land a sale?
A case study (a.k.a.  success story) is what you need.  
A happy customer's story--outlining a problem he/she (or a company) experienced, your business's solution to that problem, and the positive results/outcomes--carries more punch than an itty-bitty customer testimonial.  Why?  Because a case study tells a story--and people enjoy, remember, and talk about a good one.


How do I know if we'll be a good fit?

  • If you rhapsodize about algorithms...

  • If you believe the words "business" and "heart" are mutually exclusive...

  • If you think that a fair deal means paying less...

    Well, I'd say I may not be the freelance writer for you.

Some favorite topics--told through case studies and profiles--are:

1. Companies answering real client needs via thoughtful products/services, as well as showing high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

2. Passionate people with a story to share.

I also tailor press releases, draft newsletters, and nail interviews, among other things.  Check out some of my work.

Who do you work with?

 B2C businesses and organizations, though I'm actively seeking more B2B opportunities.

I've got a soft spot for entrepreneurs and "do-good" businesses.  
Prior to Writer Watt, LLC, I launched another successful venture--a personal chef business.  I understand the obstacles and challenges entrepreneurs face, and I know first-hand how to get clients and keep them.

Being location independent means that no matter where you are, I can help.

Why should I hire you?

If you want ...

  • an over-deliverer who gives 120%
  • a freelance writer who brings curiosity,  smarts, and a touch of joy to each project 
  • a person who's committed to working on your project until you're completely satisfied.  

then, you've found her!

In a nutshell, I strive to make your life easier and our work together enjoyable, while providing quality written content.

Don't take my work for it.  See what my clients have say.

Are you a "for-good" business, yourself?

Yes, I believe in putting my money where my mouth is.  I periodically offer my freelance services to those businesses that cannot necessarily afford a freelance writer.

I also donate a percentage of my profits to other purpose-driven organizations, businesses, and causes. Giving back is very important to me.

As for what I was up to professionally in addition to running my own businesses?  I've got a wide-ranging employment history, which means I'm able to write about a variety of topics.

For example, I've worked for a:

  • Global manufacturing company (Administrative Assistant, Technology Library; Clerk, Accounts Payable)

  • Large philanthropic boarding school (Houseparent, Residential Division)

  • Local chiropractic practice (Insurance Billing Specialist; Office/Marketing Manager)

Self-employment is in my DNA--I'm a 3rd generation entrepreneur.  Growing up, my family owned and operated a restaurant, where I worked, eventually, in every position of the business.  (After I graduated from college, my father mourned the loss of one of his best workers).

What sets you apart from other freelance writers?

I'm not about selling my services to the largest corporations and leaving the smaller companies behind--meaning I won't "follow the money."   That saps my joy and dilutes my purpose and mission.
Which is:

  • Serve those who resonate with what is offered here

  • Connect purpose-driven businesses with the people in need of each one's unique offering through excellent content

  • Collaborate with other entrepreneurs and organizations to help shift our society's focus from "what can I have next?" to "who and how can I serve?"

I'm privileged in that I really get to know my clients, and I enjoy working deeply and sustainably with each client.

How does this work?

You'll contact me to schedule an initial consult (via phone, Skype, or in person if you're in the Harrisburg-Hershey area), where we'll determine if we're a good fit.  
If we are--and I can be of service to you--I'll send you a contract and get working on your project.

I'll first-and-foremost make every effort to fully understand your business and your audience.  Meaning?  I'll ask a ton of questions.  This helps me write genuine-to-you content that resonates with your clients and hits your marketing objectives with persuasive--yet heart-centered--messaging and calls-to-action.

What do I do next?

Contact me!  Let's see if we click.