Freelance Writer

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 I'm a freelance content writer, and I help connect businesses with clients that want to hear from them through compelling written content.

Here's where you'd typically find my resume.  
But why not make your read a bit more interesting?

I write for businesses and organizations (and about them, too) that strive to be a force of good. 

My favorite topics--told especially through case studies and profiles--are:

1. Companies answering real needs via thoughtful products/services, as well as showing high standards of social, environmental, and corporate responsibility.

2. Passionate people with a story to share.

I’ve also been known to write website copy, tailor a press release, draft a newsletter, nail an in-depth interview, or craft and design an eye-catching infographic. 

I draw from my strong food industry background, where at a young age I could be found at my family's restaurant, working my way up in every area of the business.  After ten years of loyal service, my father lost his best worker bee but gained a college-educated daughter.

Honoring my family's entrepreneurial spirit and staying true to my food and service-based roots, I first added solopreneur to my resume when I launched a successful personal chef business.

In addition, I have worked for a sizable private philanthropic boarding school, a large global manufacturing company, and various other small to mid-sized businesses—during which time I sharpened my writing chops, business acumen, and marketing savvy—and also my awareness that success in business needs redefined.

On a personal note, I reside with my husband and son in land-locked central Pennsylvania, but my heart is in coastal Maine.  Staying awake (at times literally, but more so metaphysically) are practices of mine, and I enjoy cuddling up with a good read (usually, books on marketing or by memoirists) while noshing dark chocolate—and laughing.  A lot!

If you've made it this far, why not contact me to discuss how I can be of service to you and your business?