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Hi, I'm Dana.

See why: YOU + me = a match
made in food-industry heaven


As a freelance food industry writer (and personal chef), I serve up copy and content that your in-house staff doesn’t have the time to cook up.

Basically, I write things that rise above the din to get the results clients crave.

Need more?
Let’s lift the lid on how I’ve come to help
my clients shine.

Food + business is in my DNA: I was raised in my family’s restaurant, where I was a fixture and free laborer. That is, until the age of thirteen, when I got wise and demanded a “real” job within the business, along with a respectable wage. I scored both. Buoyed by that heady win, I knew then that having savvy skills would help me go far.

And yes, I eventually stepped out of the kitchen to pursue other employment, honing not only my writing chops — crafting such materials as web content, marketing emails, press releases, and the like — but also my ability to ditch drama and get right to the core of the matter. (Ah, the things my college degree never taught me …)

Then there’s the personal chef thing … I trained for and started my own chef business; gained clients with spot-on marketing materials; developed recipes; and cooked up lip-smacking food. After relocating to my new home state, I rinsed, washed, and repeated — with my latest chef business.

So it’s a no-brainer that I gravitated toward writing about food + business.

Today, I’ve taken my food expertise and what I’ve learned along the way — as well as my keen interest in (um, slight obsession with) the intersection where food + technology meet — to specialize in writing for the food industries I love best:
food tech, food service, and food sustainability.

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Want a freelance food writer (and personal chef) to craft your next writing project?


A few more morsels to chew on …

🌲 As a Maine transplant (along with my husband and our feline companion), I love living in a state where trees outnumber people. (Makes for serious quiet time to write wowza copy.)

🤣 I believe laughter makes (almost) everything better. (Which could be why clients rave that our work together is productive — AND enjoyable.)

🌶️ I’d say I’m a little spicy and never bitter. Others describe me as bold, authentic, and compassionate. (Sound like we’d be a good fit?)